Global Volunteer Day

Serve the City International is calling for everyone to join us for Global Volunteer Day on May 4th! This is a day when the whole network of organisations around the globe are doing something great for someone else! More info [...]


It has been a week since we met with Telia’s representatives, who would like to contribute by helping others through Serve the City. Initial plan is that Telia’s volunteers go to the North-Tallinn Social Center on [...]

Volunteer fair

Already on this Saturday on Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds will be held a Volunteer fair, which introduces possibilites for volunteer work and volunteers themselves to all participants. Event itself is at 12:00-17:00. [...]

STC Berlin

26.-29. October Serve the City International Forum was held in Berlin. On this annual network gathering came together over 100 people to share about the best practices, their experience, knowledge and [...]

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