Adventurers in Adventure Park

Throughout the summer, we were looking for and creating adventures with kids from Tuulemaa Social Housing Unit. One place we hadn’t yet managed to look from, was Nõmme Adventure Park. Deciding by it’s name, one would think it’s the one place that inspired the whole project and that it would be the first place to go to, but it wasn’t until 30th of August, when a group of Swedbank employees created an unforgettable day for kids there.

About 15 kids got to climb the obstacle course, participate in a scavenger hunt and enjoy other fun activities, swedbankers had prepared. Feedback fas overwhelmingly positive from the organisers, kids and everyone else involved.

Thank You Adventure Park for sponsoring and supporting in any way! Thank You Swedbanks’ private banking dept. for organising! Thank You Olga Lavrentjeva for helping out from Tuulemaa side of things!

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